‘Women in Data’ Roundtable with Snowflake: EVENT RECAP

November 30, 2020

On October 29th, 2020 from 4 – 5:30PM, Strive Consulting partnered with Snowflake to host a ‘Women in Data’ Roundtable discussion with data executives across the Columbus area to discuss women in the the Data & Analytics industry.

The event was hosted and facilitated by Strive’s own Candis Curd where participants engaged in topics ranging from what it means to be a woman in data / technology, to how to go from data to knowledge / insights, and how to successfully implement a data lake (and avoid a data swamp). Snowflake distributed wine packages to every attendee in advance to add a bit of fun to the discussion!

Some key takeaway’s included;

  • Women in Data / Technology
    • Lead with compassion (not emotion), facts and data.
    • It’s sometimes helpful to find a man who can be your ally.
  • Innovating Quickly
    • Innovate while keeping cost down by paying only for what you need, and make sure your platform is provisioned for innovation.
    • Involve your teams in the decision-making for changes, so they can embrace change and help it “stick”.
    • Designate change advocates – people who can act as a champion for the changes via word-of-mouth.
  • Success Stories
    • Have the business take co-ownership of the initiative and simplify the process.
    • Tie your initiatives to a business goal – look at the ROI/IRR for the work.
    • Deliver value along the way – target small, consistent wins throughout the project.
    • Be aware of how machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) impacts / eliminates Executive Buyer job functions – they may see themselves as being less valuable, as a result.
    • Use data lakes to convert data into knowledge, and use the knowledge to tell stories and make decisions.
    • Make sure to govern data within a data lake (especially to prevent it from becoming a data swamp).
    • Remember that it’s helpful to offer self-service and to use data virtualization within a data lake.
    • Products are easy, process is harder.
  • Mentorship, Sponsorship
    • It’s important to have advocates at all levels within your organization.
    • Continue to receive advice from your mentors, even as you become a mentor to others, while you progress within your career.

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