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Event Recap – Management Consulting Team Outing

February 2, 2017

This February, we are going to be focusing on one of Strive’s Practice Areas, Delivery Leadership. At Strive, we take pride in our ability to perform business analyses, assist with change leadership, guide Agile process optimization and transformation, and conduct complete program and product management. With the great team that we have built at Strive, we have confidence that we will be able to execute in any of these areas within your organization.

While our Delivery Leadership Team works very hard in the office and with our clients, they also like to enjoy some time together off-site, or rather, locked in a room!

A few weeks ago, this consulting team tested their skills at The Escape Room Chicago, where only those able to solve the hidden puzzles and decode the secret messages can escape! Splitting into two groups, one team entered the gold rush, racing the mob to find stashed treasures, whereas the others worked together to beat thieves and become national heroes!

Lucky for us, everyone broke out of the room in less than an hour (pretty impressive!) and they were able to celebrate their success afterwards with smiles on their faces!

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