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Event Recap – Let’s Get ‘WITty’ with Strive’s Women in Technology

July 12, 2016

Do you know how many females are holding CEO positions for Fortune 500 companies? I bet you wouldn’t guess that it is only 21. Women in Technology (WIT), an internal organization started by our own Strive employees, recently held a trivia night, Let’s Get WITty, to help educate employees about women’s roles and influence in the technology industry.

Women in Technology (WIT) is an organization that was founded in March by Management Consultant, Talia Stone, and Manager of Talent and Recruitment, Breanne Boster. The organization has a goal of providing women at Strive with a solid network, as well as the critical business and leadership skills needed in the various stages of their careers. In addition to networking and mentorship opportunities, they aspire to encourage and celebrate women on their journey to success.

When asked about her motives for starting this group, Stone says, “We are more than just what we do and where we work. Regardless of where someone is from, what they believe, where they live – we all deserve to feel not just safe, but valued and treated equally where we work. I believe that inclusion is non-negotiable and feel fortunate that I work for a company where my leadership and colleagues agree with and share that belief. I wanted to build and be a part of an inclusive, diverse workplace because I truly believe that those that can be authentic versions of themselves can bring their best and be their best every day. To me, WIT is an avenue that enables that type of engagement, fosters that type of relationship building with my coworkers, both male and female, and our clients, as well as offers a positive culture of support, education and growth. We matter and we matter to each other. I want to create and be a part of that experience for others to share.”

Through various events, such as our recent trivia night, they hope to educate both men and women about the current role of women in our society, and how they can create more opportunities to change society, business and lives for the better.
“This organization is part of a bigger inclusion initiative within the company. We aspire to grow our network, enhance our leadership skills, mentor others, and empower women in the workplace,” says Boster.

So they did just that! On June 29, they held a trivia night at our headquarters in Chicago for the official kickoff of WIT. Employees of our Strive community came together to learn about all things related to women and technology.

“It truly was a wonderful event that elicited some amazing ideas, experiences and excitement for the future of WIT,” says Alisha Brawley, Manager of Talent and Recruitment and Member of WIT.

WIT, along with other internal Strive organizations, are just a few of the ways that we come together as an organization and create the culture that we are so proud of. Keep following our blog and social media channels to learn more!