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Doug Kachelmuss – Faces of Strive

December 7, 2016

Senior Consultant Doug Kachelmuss is featured on this week’s Faces of Strive!

Doug joined Strive with ample Consulting experience in Data Management. Since beginning his career, he has always had an avid interest in data and how companies leverage their data assets to drive value. Since joining Strive almost two years ago, Doug has been able to leverage both his extensive experience and his interests in these fields to deliver high value to the projects that he has worked on.

Since discovering Strive, Doug has been impressed with our delivery model and how we interact with our customers. “I was very impressed by the number of top players we have on the team and the laser focus that everyone has on delivering high value to our customers,” he says. “This drove me to join this team because I would tell there was something special going on here.”

Doug graduated from Northern Illinois University, where he earned his Bachelors in Computer Science. He continued his education by earning an MBA in Organizational Leadership from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Outside of work, Doug spends the majority of his time with his family, which includes his wife who started a blog that is ranked amongst the top 50 blogs in the United States! He also enjoys brewing his own beer and playing hockey.

To connect with Doug, click here.

Faces of Strive showcases our employees to give you an inside look of our culture and how we do things the “Strive” way. Stay tuned in two weeks, when we will feature another one of our employees and tell you about their career successes at Strive!