Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta Operations of AIM Consulting Group Become Strive Consulting, LLC

Chicago, IL, June 6th 2016—Following the buyout of minority owners in April 2016, the Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta offices of AIM Consulting are officially consolidating their respective operations and rebranding as “Strive Consulting”. As industry leaders in technology solutions and services, these companies had been operating independently, and now, together as Strive, they possess a company vision that offers Employees, Clients, Consultants, and local Communities with opportunities for long term partnership, growth and success.


“All three offices will benefit from the consolidation of these great organizations,” said Ron Rother, CEO of Strive Consulting, “Strive’s core competency has been as leader in business and technology consulting for nearly 10 years and we fully expect the Strive name to only intensify what had been started in Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta by remaining synonymous with quality integrated business solutions.”


A new logo and marketing message has been created— “Opportunity through Possibility”—which is now part of Strive’s corporate identity. “This name change better reflects the current and future direction of the company,” Rother added.


“We’re excited about the name change and providing our employees with a workplace more directly aligned with the vision, mission and values of the company. It allows us to leverage our abilities with prospective customers while capitalizing on Strive’s strong local market reputation in these three major business hubs. It puts us in a better position to build a company to last.” says Jon Clark, COO of Strive Consulting (formerly Managing Partner of AIM Consulting’s Dallas branch).


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