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Case Study – Management Consulting: Strive Implements Employee Training Program

January 22, 2016

Strive constructed and implemented the “Agile Coach of Excellence” for a large property and casualty insurer.


 The large property and casualty insurer had already partnered with Strive to define and pilot a new Agile standard that met regulatory and compliance requirements.

Following the successful pilot period, the client needed to initiate the process and cultural changes necessary for Agile to flourish. An Agile Center of Excellence was needed to provide consistent coaching at the organizational and team levels.


 Strive’s primary objectives in engaging with the large property and casualty insurer were to:

  • Establish a template for selecting Agile Transformation Coaches
  • Provide Agile transformation coaches, Agile trainers, and experienced Scrum Masters.
  • Engage business, technology and PMO stakeholders in partnership to socialize, evangelize and enact the culture change.
  • Guide client through the transition from Project to Product mindset.


The following outcomes were direct results for our work with the client:

  • Established the Agile Center of Excellence around the Agile Coach role, and a Center of Practice around the Scrum Master role.
  • Created and delivered a full Agile training curriculum across the enterprise.
  • Coaches worked with stakeholders, business partners, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Development Teams to establish and reinforce good agile practice that followed Agile principles.
  • Established and tracked agile maturity assessments. Coaches worked closely with a team until the team reached a level of self-sufficiency.
  • Identify and track appropriate Metrics and KPI’s for monitoring progress of Agile product development.


The Agile Coach Center of Excellence has provided a stable base from with to orchestrate the strategic rollout across the organization. Since implementation, the client’s Agile teams begin their employment with a common set of training modules. Assessments and metric collection are in place for tracking agile maturity.