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Case Study – Management Consulting: Strive Helps Client Design Organizational Roadmap

March 11, 2017

Strive developed an extensive roadmap to guide a leading insurance brokerage to success.


The insurance brokerage firm’s major challenge was that they encounter severe data issues (duplication, quality, standards, definitions & ownership) across regional & corporate levels.

They were unable to report across their top 200 accounts to support their monthly reporting needs, while also trying to obtain an all-encompassing view of their client to support client segmentation, lifecycle marketing, retention rate, cross sell and upsell to enhance organic growth. 


Strive Consulting’s primary objectives for engaging with the client were to:

  • Ascertain existing root cause(s) of five data sources challenges
  • Obtain feedback on data usage challenges from various stakeholders
  • Provide a high-level MDM products assessment based on requirements
  • Provide high-level Data Governance Program Organization Structure
  • Provide a high-level cost and benefits summary associated with the recommended solutions


Strive successfully established a give-member Data Governance-MDM team to deliver an assessment and recommendation providing a three-year roadmap with specific direction, scope, process and management that helped them establish a Data Governance Program Organization Structure & Strategy.


 A multitude of deliverables were the outcome of this project:

  • Created awareness – as a result of the initial interviews there was great support from all levels of organization for the DG-MDM Initiative
  • Created 3 Year Roadmap – Mapped out 4 major phases to execute the signed off Roadmap
  • Executed MDM Vendors Selection – matrix with score metrics across product suitability and cost enabling client to narrow its selection process
  • Change Management – Initiated a process to help manage organization, process and people change
  • Deploy DG-MDM structure – Using the DGPO structure & procured MDM software, partner with Sales Enablement initiative as the first project deployed.