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Case Study – Data & Analytics: Strive Helps Client Develop Analytics Platform

February 26, 2017

Strive partnered with the leading provider of patient experience measurement to develop an online analytics platform.


An industry leading provider of patient experience sought a product implementation to develop an online analytics platform. The client had endured two previous failed attempts to revise their online analytics platform and were quickly approaching their key annual conference.

At this event, they looked to showcase a functional preview of their next-generation product to current and prospective clients across the nation. Critical to the client was outside feedback in order to focus on continuous improvement for the online analytics platform. 


Strive’s objective was to develop a true partnership with the client’s technology department that would assist them in developing an MSP program to drive the behavior needed to solve their challenges; increase consistency of brining in great resources in a timely manner, reduce operational burdens, accurately track costs, and reduce risk and liability.


Strive came up with the following solutions for the client:

Reduce time to hire and increase consistency:

  • 3-2-1 is a consistent service level agreement (SLA) Strive reaches every quarter. This SLA holds all parties responsible to receiving, on average, 3 resumes, and conducting 2 interviews, resulting in a hire.

Reduce operational burden:

  • Strive developed a program that allows for ample vendor support with all communication, submittals, and additional requests streamlined through Strive.
  • Strive established a customized process that manages all contractor billing/invoicing for the technology department, allowing for one touch point on questions in or out of the department. The process also greatly improved the tracking and approval of hours billed per contractor.
  • Strive created a laptop program to provide laptops in a timely manner to each contractor therefore reducing the clients time and efforts in tracking, managing and keeping up with all software licenses for a temporary workforce.

Reduce risk and liability:

  • Created and executed a standardized process of screening and qualifying candidates to include background checks, and properly managing the release of contractors.


The following results were the outcome of our engagement with the client:

  • Hires made with the SLA of 3-2-1
  • Reduced hire time by 11 business days with 7 less candidates
  • Agreement from Client executives that the program has achieved the desired management behavior
  • 1/3 of the department’s workforce is managed through the MSP program
  • Program has evolved with the changes in the Client’s business
  • Millions of dollars saved by standardizing the approval and billing of hours worked