Case Study – Management Consulting: Strive Helps Client Design Framework, Resulting in Faster Time-to-Market

Strive created a framework that allows for faster time to market for a large property and casualty insurer.


The large property and casualty insurer needed to create an Agile project delivery model to be adopted by stakeholders, working groups, and project delivery teams. It needed to be actionable, scalable, and repeatable as a viable delivery methodology within the PMO.

The new model would enable technology teams to realize business value more quickly, while supporting PMO measurement, and ensuring predictable delivery with fewer defects.


Strive’s primary objectives in engaging with the large property and casualty insurer were to:

  • Develop an Agile standard and ensure integration with existing methodologies and processes
  • Determine necessary skillsets and identify suitable pilot projects & teams
  • Provide training, coaching and guidance for teams during pilot period
  • Finalize and publish ATO Agile standard
  • Create and socialize ATO Agile training methodologies and materials


The following outcomes were direct products of Strive’s efforts with the client:

  • Reviewed the existing ATO product delivery lifecycle to identify areas needing adjustment for Agile delivery, while maintaining compliance and reporting standards.
  • Provide Coaching to pilot teams, including Agile training, facilitation of status meetings, facilitation of Agile ceremonies, guiding Agile estimation workshops, working with team members on roles and responsibilities, and providing team guidance on Agile artifacts and deliverables.
  • Developed Agile training materials and artifacts to support training a wider, enterprise-wide audience.


Success of the pilot projects has translated into expansion across the enterprise. The large property and casualty insurer now has a new ATO agile process framework that allows faster time to market while maintaining quality and ensuring continued compliance with regulatory standards.


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