Accelerating Performance Through the Development of High-Performing Teams Webinar: EVENT RECAP

April 30, 2021

Whether companies are aligning to future strategic plans, developing new capabilities to meet customer needs, or even changing leadership structures, it is no surprise that the best organizations are constantly evolving. Organizations evolve every few years, influenced by a number of different causes.

Often times, organizational evolution does not filter down to the team-level, where you can start to see challenges surface, such as:

  • Misalignment of expectations amongst team members and functions
  • Lack of North Star and measure of ‘what good looks like’
  • Poorly defined roles and responsibilities leading to ‘poor performance’
  • Inconsistent processes making an effort feel like a different experience depending on who is assigned

On Thursday April 29th, @ 11:00AM CST, Strive Consulting and JLL co-presented Strive’s first webinar ‘Accelerating Performance Through the Development of High-Performing Teams’. The team walked through the key elements needed to analyze and diagnose core organizational growth issues with tools like:

  • Conducting interviews and synthesizing into themes and root causes
  • Organizational design
  • Process design
  • RACI and Responsibility definition
  • Governance and KPI measures
  • Implementation best practices to roll out change

Danny Krantz (Account Executive, Strive Consulting) opened up with some information about Strive, while later, Kevin Scott (Principal, Management Consulting, Strive Consulting) and Kyle Tebo (Senior Consultant, Strive Consulting) walked through Strive’s strategic approach and direct examples on how implementing this form of organizational effectiveness can help companies succeed. Allie Cooney (Director of HR Operations, JLL) provided direct anecdotes around how Strive helped JLL work through their transitions, quoting “From day one the Strive team came in and set up our partnership for success with open communication, candor, and thought leadership.” 

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Looking for a real time experience? A full recording of the webinar is linked below.