Closely aligning technology with business goals.

Technology operations and the software that drives it can significantly improve productivity and efficiency when processes can be automated and systems optimized. Workflows, data management, and the ability to collaborate across the enterprise all benefit from technology operations software that is developed to closely align IT functionality with business objectives.

To accomplish all of this, software concepts need to go from ideation to actual products or services ready for production and operation. That’s where the Strive team comes in – our experts can help you turn ideas into models and models into products that can ramp up to reliable and repeatable production, using automated processes and quality assurance.

Our Technology Operations and Automation services include:


We bring software concepts to life faster and more cost-efficiently by incorporating operational functionality into every step of the development process – from design to testing to production – while ensuring proper access to release to environments. We create repeatable processes that enable developers to test and release code more easily so they can focus on coding rather than dealing with environment and build issues. We even gather metrics so you understand how the development team is performing and if they’re meeting deadlines.


We’ve added even more business value to the DevOps process by taking it to the next level. Our development team integrates machine learning into design models and then develops and implements automated production processes to reliably produce a consistent final product at scale. We’ll also help operationalize newly-developed ML models and create the tools needed to consistently train and deploy ML models as a service (MaaS) to optimize their use by other systems.

QA Automation:

Software testing can be a challenge for quality assurance. Our QA experts can help ensure uncompromised quality for your products through fully-automated testing processes that can include unit, regression, and load-and-performance testing, to name a few.

Application & Performance Monitoring:

We can set up a wide range of automated application and performance monitoring alerts to keep you informed about application error rates, network slowdowns, server CPU usage, or any other key metrics you need to assess the health of your IT ecosystem and minimize costly downtime. We will incorporate this into your IT processes so you can act on issues as they occur within defined SLAs.

Infrastructure Automation:

Our DevOps engineers can automate your IT environment by scripting any or all elements of your ecosystem to better manage configurations and provide flexibility and agility to both operations and development. Because all network configurations are in code (Infrastructure-as-Code), you can automatically manage and provision your infrastructure rather than using an inefficient manual process prone to repeatability issues and bring up environments that mimic production to support bug fixes or disasters.