How and Why We Engage

Oftentimes, our clients need specific skillsets or niche technical expertise to add to their team or are looking for a partner to help them grow their team and deliver on key initiatives. 

Many consultancies shy away from engaging in this capacity, but what we’ve found is it’s crucial to helping our clients own and operationalize new people, process, and technology investments for the long haul.

In order to do this, we maintain a very large and strong network of Strive Affiliates, which allows us to tap into that network quickly to find the resources needed to drive your success.

Because of this, we can help you …

  • Scale a team of individuals with specific skills, for the short or long term
  • Identify niche skillsets and individuals that you need to augment your current team(s)

Overall, Strategic Staffing complements our other methods of engagement by allowing us to partner longer with our clients and stay closer to evolving business challenges and opportunities. We stay close in order to understand your problem statement and stay a step ahead of the game to help you solve it.

Challenges We Solve

Scaling your technology organization

Strive has helped several clients build out entire engineering functions from infancy. This includes business, user experience, product, technical teams, and skillsets across all major and relevant technologies.

Bringing in hard to find talent

Sometimes organizations require niche skillsets or roles in which great talent is few and far between. Our vast network of Strive Affiliates allows us to bring in those “needles in a haystack”, so that you can leverage the skills you need to move forward.