How and Why We Engage

Frequently, our clients have challenges they haven’t encountered before, or they have a vision and need help figuring out how to realize it. That’s where Strive’s Strategic Advisory engagement method comes in. We quickly iterate with you to understand your unique challenges and opportunities, leading to recommended, actionable advice that enables your most impactful strategic goals.

We accomplish this through initial pre-work with you to determine the best path forward including;

  1. Discovery in which Strive guides an open conversation to focus on your top priorities. Working to understand them at a greater depth, focusing on your current and future state, recognizing how different stakeholders are aligned, and solidifying your current plan, people, process, or technology aspects of these needs.
  2. Sometimes, additional discovery sessions with others or even quick workshops are necessary to holistically understand the problem and define what success looks like before we officially engage.
  3. Define the path forward aligned to a future state vision. This can consist of engagements involving assessments, health checks, strategies and roadmap definition, or even simple executive advisory, support, and/or coaching. 

Typically, these types of engagements are shorter in duration and often provide a lower risk investment opportunity with a high-value return.

Challenges We Solve

Right sizing technology investments to fit the future needs of your business

Frequently, our clients come to us with a vision of both modernizing and rationalizing their technology investments/assets. Strive can help by working with organizations to understand your current business and future-state business needs and make recommendations on how to leverage fit for purpose technology that meet your needs without overinvesting.

Selecting technology vendors

As a technology agnostic consultancy, we don’t have any preconceived preferences on which vendors you choose, rather, we prefer to understand what you have today and make recommendations on technology that will complement your environment, minimize disruption, and ultimately, realize your business needs without overbuying/over-engineering. 

Managing change impacts of your people that results from process and technology changes

Nobody likes to hear “because I said so”. People, process, and technology investments frequently come with the assumption of high levels of adoption to meet ROI targets and we’ve found that without prioritizing the management of that change, these investments can fall flat. We help our clients strategize on how best to manage that change among stakeholders to reduce the risk of low adoption rates and implementation failures.

Incorporating Agile and product-based ways of working into your organization

In a quickly changing world, it’s important to incorporate iterative ways of working into all aspects of a business to maintain the speed necessary to compete in today’s marketplace. We can help you incorporate agile and product ways of working into software development, marketing, HR, or other business functions to move at the speed of business today.