Data Quality Assessment, Strategy & Implementation

Client Situation

The client is an international pharmaceutical company that is consistently ranked in the top 30 of all biotech companies with $12B in revenue annually. They develop and market pharmaceuticals ranging from over the counter to cancer treatment and interacts with a multitude of health care providers and standalone clinics.

Our Approach 

Strive’s primary objectives for engaging with the client was to:

  • Strive preformed a strategic assessment that focused on understanding the purpose of the manual data validations and gaps present within their existing data management platform.
  • As part of this approach, Strive conducted a half-day workshop bringing together the business & IT organizations to highlight the purpose of the validations so that sustainable, automated solutions could be implemented further upstream.


As a result of this engagement, Strive provided greater transparency and awareness of data quality issues along with implementing the processes to identify and resolve future data related challenges

  • Provided greater confidence in the data being used by their users in the field
  • Automated various manual processes to increase the efficiency of the data delivery and reduce errors encountered by users
  • Enabled business users with greater transparency into the data processing procedures to help build a better internal partnership amongst teams.
  • Developed a process to monitor the ongoing progress of the Data Quality initiative and prioritize requests.