Tableau Audit and Optimization for Major Insurer

Client Situation

The client was struggling to support a Tableau Dashboard that was suffering from a variety of issues including performance, scalability and manual support processes. The dashboard provides a variety of metrics across multiple areas within the company and is consumed by various levels of leadership including the CIO.

Our Approach

Strive’s primary objective for engaging with the client was to provide direction in addressing concerns surrounding the dashboard and to put a plan in place to mitigate. The plan included ongoing workshops for knowledge transfer along with iterative development on the redesign effort.


  • Through our strategic advisory assessment, we met with various users documenting their specific concerns, created a conceptual diagram of the dashboard highlighting the various pain points and developed a backlog of tasks to drive the team towards the deserved future state.
  • In addition, Strive executed delivery on this plan by redesigning the dashboard to better align to the various metrics and data sources as well as to address the performance, scalability and supportability pain points.
  • The result was a redesigned Executive level dashboard that provided a much-improved user experience and increased ease to support/scale moving forward.