Mobile Re-platform App Development

Client Situation

The 2nd largest airline in the U.S. (40 straight years of profitability) and the world’s largest operator of Boeing 737’s with more than 700 jets and over 3,900 flights a day.

  • Mobile Re-platform initiative to develop a unified native mobile app experience and improve their mobile engagement.
  • Needed a partner to deliver resources that could collaborate across multiple business units (marketing, BTS, Professional Services, Corporate Planning, and Delivery).
  • Client needed to establish consistency across the native iOS, Android and mobile web platforms.

Our Approach

Strive was able to lend a helping hand through support in two key departments: Product Solutions & Corporate Planning and Delivery (BTS)

Product Solutions

  • Our Mobile Product Owner was brought in to oversee the detailed coordination for all the business units responsible for delivery within southwest including Marketing, Analytics, BTS, Release Management, Deployment Management, Support, Infrastructure, and QMO/QA.

Corporate Planning & Delivery (BTS)

  • Strive successfully aided in the management of the client’s mobile program for corporate planning and delivery.
  • Strive’s mobile program manager successfully organized and delivered upon annual planning initiatives, requirements prioritization exercises with the client, strategic opportunity assessments, vendor evaluation and selection, and financial management of the overall mobile program.


Having deployed highly-skilled digital experience and mobile consultants, Strive has been instrumental in the successful delivery of key mobile application projects and overall project management.

  • Successfully launched the client’s new native iOS app, mobile web app and Android native application with minimal bugs and issues reported in production.
  • Created and presented governance deck to leadership that grants approval for 2017.
  • Kicked off 2017 mobile program which includes enhancements and support for all three client mobile platforms.