Master Services Provider Program

Client Situation

The largest member-owned health care company in the US, serving 5,000+ US members through data-driven solutions and collaborative opportunities that lead to improved patient outcomes at lower costs resulting in approximately $100B in purchasing volume.

A new Master Services Provider (MSP) program that would drive efficiencies in consulting and contract resources, controlling costs, reducing vendor management and reducing risk.

  • An established best in class process for adding consulting talent to the organization, including consistency, efficiency and the ability to attract top talent to their team.
  • To save the client money and time managing consulting hours, onboarding steps, billing/invoicing and managing laptop issues .

Our Approach

Strive successfully partnered with the client’s executives to develop an MSP program that drives best in class standards in bringing consulting and contractor resources aboard.

Reduced Time-to-Hire and Increase Consistency – Established a 3-2-1 SLA (receive 3 qualified candidates and conduct 2 interviews to hire 1 consultant)

Reduced Risk and Liability – Created a standardized process to screen and qualify candidates, from background checks to release management for the consultants.

Transparent Reporting – Developed consistent, transparent and accurate reports for all aspects of the program

Reduced Operational Burden:

  • Enabled ample vendor support with all communication, submittals, and requests streamlined through Strive.
  • Established a process to manage all time tracking through a single point of contact.
  • Created a program to provide consultant laptops to streamline the onboarding process and reduce the time needed for client to track/ manage software licenses.


Together with the successful partnership of the project’s executive sponsors, the MSP program continues to provide best in class outcomes in the following ways:

  • Consistent hires averaging the agreed upon SLAs of 3-2-1
  • Millions of dollars saved by standardization of billing and approval of hours worked
  • Trusted advisor services, providing solutions through our consultants
  • 83 consultants & Contractors currently managed through the program