Why Utility Providers Need Robust Cybersecurity | State of Cybersecurity

Strive’s VP of Cybersecurity & Compliance, Dominick Birolin, CISSP, CISA, discusses why a robust cybersecurity process is particularly important for companies like utilities whose services are crucial to a functioning society.


So, I think the biggest point we need to touch up here on why it’s dangerous to utility companies is because utility companies and their Industrial Control System networks affect the real world around them. This could be not just with utilities, but manufacturing.

But with utilities, it could shut down oil pipelines, create gas shortages, create power blackouts. Manufacturing can stop – especially with pharmaceutical companies where people need drugs, their production can be ceased.

Emergency Management Systems can fall victim to ransomware and that would create causing them to be unable to respond to emergency situations. Transportation networks, which could shut down shipping and railways.

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