What Motivates Hackers for Ransomware? | State of Cybersecurity

Hackers will exploit an unprotected system in whatever ways they can. Strive’s VP of Cybersecurity & Compliance, Dominick Birolin, CISSP, CISA, speaks to their motivations and some areas that companies falter in protecting against repeat attacks.


What motivates hackers for ransomware? I think that overwhelmingly it’s the financial component. Obviously getting the ransomware payments is a big motivating factor. Secondly, they’ve been successful.

We’ve seen companies that failed to identify Root Cause Analysis, so they’ve fallen victim to ransomware multiple times. They’re easier targets than their Enterprise IT counterparts.

Also, data – if they are able to exfiltrate company data, they can steal intellectual property, which could be for Research & Development, that can be very costly to a company.

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