My Strive Story: Nick Ngo

Strive Consulting wouldn’t be the company it is without the inspiring group of employees who make up our workforce. We pride ourselves on hiring individuals who bring a diverse group of skills and backgrounds to the table, which set our organization up for success.

Throughout our ‘My Strive Story’ Interview platform, we sit down with members from our different teams within the organization to find out where they came from, why they chose Strive, and what makes their experience special.

Tell us about yourself:

I’m Nick Ngo, a Senior Consultant in our Management Consulting practice based out of our Chicago office.  

I’m originally from Houston, Texas, graduated from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth (go Frogs!), and lived in Dallas before moving up to Chicago in 2017. Even though Chicago is my home now, I’m always looking for ways to represent Texas, whether that means rooting for my Houston teams (tough times lately…), being a flour tortilla advocate, or mixing up a ranch water on a hot summer day.    

Now that things have opened back up in Chicago, you can usually find me spending time on the lakefront, catching live music, or trying new restaurants/bars.  

What attracted you to Strive?

I’d say there were 3 things that lured me to Strive and that still motivate me to come to work every day; the people-focused culture, the career opportunities, and the top-down investment to keep a strong work/life balance. In my experience, these things are intertwined. As a company, you can’t say you’re truly committed to offering your people a strong work/life balance if you don’t focus on putting your people first. Conversely, you can’t put your people first if you don’t create opportunities for them to excel and grow in their roles, and beyond.  

The commitment to these three areas has been clear to me in almost every conversation and interaction I’ve had with leadership and if it wasn’t at first, there is always a willingness to listen, understand, and improve throughout the company. Willingness to listen and actually impact positive change within your organization is rare these days, but not at Strive.

What keeps you at Strive?

I’ll talk more about one of the things I mentioned above – the career opportunities and experiences. Being at Strive has opened doors for me to learn and grow in ways that I don’t think would be as easy if I were at a larger, or frankly, different, company. Whether that’s taking a more active role in business developmentworking on strategic company initiatives that help shape our vision and cultureor working with one of our community outreach partners, Horizons for Youth, on how we can offer pro-bono consulting services, there are so many ways that one can raise their hand, find something they are interested in outside of their main role, and work to help the company grow in the right way.  

What makes Strive stand above the rest?

Strive has the best of both worlds – we’re a small, but growing, firm that delivers work to our large clients in a big way. We have leadership that listens first, and is not afraid to pivot when something isn’t working for our people and our clients.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to the continued growth within Strive at an organizational level, but also expanding and developing personally within my own career path. Trust me, witnessing fundamental, positive changes in how we go to market to best provide our services, how we better structure our engagements to meet our clients needs, and how we continue to build a company culture of transparency, accountability, and fun is truly a sight to be seen!

Interested in joining Strive?

Here at Strive Consulting, we foster an active, innovative culture, providing the coaching, mentoring, and support our employees need to work at the top of their game and succeed personally and professionally. Check out our Careers page for open roles and opportunities within Strive or submit your resume below! We’re hiring and we’re dedicated to being your partner, committed to success.