My Strive Story: Margaret Rendleman

Strive Consulting wouldn’t be the company it is today without the inspiring group of employees who make up our workforce. We pride ourselves on hiring individuals who bring a diverse group of skills and backgrounds to the table, which set our organization up for success.

Throughout our ‘My Strive Story’ Interview platform, we sit down with members from our different teams within the organization to find out where they came from, why they chose Strive, and what makes their experience here special.

Margaret Rendleman

Corporate Recruiter

Chicago, IL

Tell us about yourself.

Hello! My name is Margaret Rendleman, a Corporate Recruiter on the Corporate Recruiting Team here at Strive. I’m originally from Carbondale, Illinois and went to school in Colorado at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. After school, I bopped around a bit; lived in DC for a few years, did an 8-month “around-the-world” trip, went back to Colorado and skied for a year, and finally moved back to the Midwest to live in Chicago and am absolutely loving it here!   

What attracted you to Strive?

What attracted me to Strive are similar to the reasons everyone else is here; reasonable work/life balance, super fun and supportive culture, ever-evolving opportunities, and a ‘people-first’ mentality. If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that people want and expect more from their companies when it comes to their livelihood and I was no exception! I was impressed by Strive’s online presence and culture ratings, but what ultimately sold me was the personable conversations I had with the awesome people I interviewed with.

What keeps you at Strive?

I’m still fairly junior in my career, so having positive and encouraging leadership to help guide me has been nothing short of incredible. Strive as a company, wants each of us to develop in the way we want to develop. I’ve personally been able to evolve within my own role at the rate that I have because I feel safe and supported by my team and management.  

I’ve seen so many amazing people get promoted and move up within the short period of time I’ve been here, and it’s super encouraging to see the opportunity for personal growth and achievement. Strive is growing in an organic way and it feels great to be a part of it! 

What makes Strive stand above the rest?

Something I’ve noticed in my tenure at Strive that differentiates us from other companies are the close-knit, familiar relationships we’re able to build, not only with each other but also our clients. You’re not a cog in the machine, people know and remember you. Something I looked for while interviewing was how long current employees had been here, and with some Strivers ranging as much as a decade or longer, I felt that was a sign of a company with happy people in it. A sense of community with people who like it here brings people together in a favorable way, making Strive a place that people call home for many years. 

What are you looking forward to in the future?

The fabulous development we are having company-wide allows for a lot of opportunity to open up and look forward to. Most of us like having a sense of direction and a path to follow, especially if you’re more junior like myself, and Strive continues to create chances and open doors for those looking to expand their skills and move up. Years from now I hope to be in a leadership role and strongly feel that at Strive, that goal can be achieved! 

Interested in joining Strive?

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