My Strive Story: Hannah Harrison

Strive Consulting wouldn’t be the company it is today without the inspiring group of employees who make up our workforce. We pride ourselves on hiring individuals who bring a diverse group of skills and backgrounds to the table, which set our organization up for success.

Throughout our ‘My Strive Story’ Interview platform, we sit down with members from our different teams within the organization to find out where they came from, why they chose Strive, and what makes their experience here special.

Hannah Harrison

Human Resources Generalist

Atlanta, GA

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Hannah, and I work in our HR department assisting our Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas markets. I was born and raised here in Georgia, and I currently live in the Atlanta metro area. Back in the day, I attended Young Harris College (in my opinion the most beautiful school) up in the North Georgia mountains. While there, I studied Business and Public Policy and played on the YHC softball team, a part of the Peach Belt Conference. If you ask my friends, they will tell you I am most passionate about dogs, fashion, and reality TV. On the weekend, you can find me at a local brewery hanging out with friends!

What attracted you to Strive?

I was actually approached by Strive at the very end of college, and I am so grateful. From the beginning, I met a tight-knit team of incredibly kind and driven individuals who were always willing to help me learn the technology area. I was excited to have found a company that truly believes in taking in young professionals and helping them discover their career path. Strive pitched a strong culture where you had the opportunity to get involved in activities outside of your job title (and they delivered!) – I love being a part of a company where I can help with community outreach programs and participate in monthly Women’s Empowerment meetings.

What keeps you at Strive?

I have a funny story here – I actually began my career at Strive as an Associate Recruiter. While I was not the most talented recruiter, Strive took a chance on me and took notice of my detail-oriented/process-driven mind. From here, I was encouraged to look into our HR department where I found the passion I never knew I had. I choose to stay with Strive because they are willing to invest in their people, even when some of them are young and still solidifying a career path. You can also ask anyone in the company, the best thing about being a part of Strive is the people. I am honored to be able to work alongside amazing coworkers, leaders, and clients!

What makes Strive stand above the rest?

I believe Strive stands above the rest because of the dedication and commitment to deliver the best customer service to our people and clients. Every employee, regardless of position, upholds a commitment to the Strive core values and exhibit’s them each and every day. This goes beyond just a consulting business model – here at Strive, we value our people and the unique traits they bring to the table.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I am excited to see our company grow within our new acquisition with The Planet Group! With change brings exciting opportunities and areas of development. I feel very lucky to be apart of a market and HR team where learning and being curious are celebrated and put first. Personally, I am excited to look into new HR certifications and grow my knowledge and professional development in my field!

Interested in joining Strive?

Here at Strive Consulting, we foster an active, innovative culture, providing the coaching, mentoring, and support our employees need to work at the top of their game and succeed personally and professionally. Check out our Careers page for open roles and opportunities within Strive. We’re hiring!

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