Know, Secure, and Control your data with Strive Consulting

“Worldwide, people are already generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.” – Forbes

From local businesses to large enterprises, data is being produced at an explosive rate. Generating and capturing the information is easy; leveraging the data for business benefit is the struggle.

We find that our clients grapple with keeping flexible data policies, understanding their enterprise data, and keeping their data secure. Strive helps our clients overcome these data struggles by designing a data governance solution based on the three big tenets: knowing your data, securing your data, and controlling your data.

Know the Data

Data Governance sets the framework that will allow businesses to leverage data to meet any informational needs. The data standards and rules that are established create a baseline of understanding of the organizational data, so you can understand how important it is to have data that is clean, concise, and coherent. Knowing your data will help organizations drive business decisions and in turn, uncover valuable insights.

User confidence in enterprise data is what establishes data-driven organizations and Strive helps our clients to understand and trust their enterprise data. We look to improve overall data quality and build out robust datasets using standards, rules, and metadata tags. Strive analyzes data that is generated in disparate systems and finds logical connections to link it together, while in tandem, working to review any data partners or third-party data sources to apply effectively. The results of Strive’s involvement? Efficient data sets that users can access, understand, and leverage.

Secure the Data

Securing access to PII data is a common concern that all organizations share. Don’t worry, you’re in luck! Strive partners with businesses to ensure that regulatory guidelines are followed and cybersecurity best practices are put in place. Our goal? To simplify security management, allowing access to sensitive datasets based on role or responsibility. We facilitate security management by implementing systematic solutions, such as dynamic masking of sensitive data and applying policy-based controls.

Control the Data

The best organizations evolve every few years, influenced by a number of different causes. As they evolve, their data needs will continue to grow and change. New business needs will require supporting metrics that may be derived from new or existing source systems. Strive seeks to promote innovation and access to the data, while allowing our clients to control their data through flexible governance and security policies. We implement security-based best practices through end-to-end encryption, auditing, recovery, and network security. We impart security best practices through the use of role-based access controls, strong authentication, and user management.

Don’t just take our word for it

Our client, one of the nation’s largest independent insurance brokerage firms, was looking to leverage business intelligence reporting to supplement strategy and decision-making. The client was hindered by a lack of data quality and siloed organizational data sets. Enter Strive. Teaming up with our channel partner Snowflake, we implemented a Snowflake data cloud and data governance structure allowing the client to use their data to improve the business reporting. Focusing on the tenets of knowing your data, securing your data and controlling your data allowed for a simple yet effective data governance structure to be put in place. Using Snowflake’s Data Cloud and its broad ecosystem, provides the perfect foundation for improved data governance.

So, what have we learned?

In a world inundated with data, governance streamlines and facilitates the use of data for business benefit. Simple data governance does not hinder the use of data, but can instead drive innovation and growth. Strive’s methodology allows organizations to quickly implement effective data governance structures that help our clients take full advantage of their data.

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