Creating a Custom Solution Using the Snowflake Data Cloud Platform

The word ‘Snowflake’ has been generating quite a buzz recently due to the cloud-based data platforms recent IPO. While garnering the much-deserved positive attention, Snowflake has climbed to top-of-mind for most data professionals and organizations in the Data & Analytics space. However, as many people in the business world know, the relationship between IT data professionals (e.g., Developers, Engineers, etc.) and business leaders has always been a fragile one at best. There has always been a need to walk a fine line between budgets, timelines, and results.

Within this piece, we’ll walk through an example of how Strive leveraged Snowflake and the data migration company, Fivetran, to build out a custom solution to help enable data-driven decision making for one of our Clients internal Marketing departments.

What Snowflake has perfected is the ability for business users to easily generate insights from large datasets, without the cost to employ a dedicated data team to maintain a modern data platform. Another area that Snowflake has done well, is identifying technology partners who help companies move data into the Snowflake Data Cloud Platform with little to no custom development. One of those partners, Fivetran, is a company that specializes in migrating data from 3rd party applications into a highly organized data model in a short period of time. Fivetran has 100+ connectors that provide data integration in minutes, not days. These pre-built connectors allow customers to ingest data from many popular API and application end points, such as Google Analytics, Mail Chimp, and Facebook Ads.

“Most executives are lukewarm as to whether they have a single view of their customer aggregated from all of their systems and applications data.” – Forbes

A recent shared experience between Strive, the Snowflake Data Cloud Platform, and Fivetran is a great example of how all parties working together can bring immense business value to organizations. The Strive use case involved the Marketing department of one of our clients who needed help in tracking customer acquisition cost from multiple marketing channels and enabling a single view of their customer.

Our client’s Marketing department was struggling to make decisions on campaign spend, with little to no feedback for each individual campaign. Relying on gut feeling, and previous experience, was yielding minimal success. After each campaign was complete, Marketing analysts were manually compiling multiple spreadsheet extracts to identify which campaigns were generating the best return on investment when it came to driving new sales. As you can imagine, this manual process was extremely time consuming and took days to gather any type of meaningful insight into campaign performance. The Marketing team wanted to ensure that their budget was spent effectively, and quickly pivot away from poorly performing campaigns, but the length of time needed to gain insight from their manual data analysis was simply too long

Once engaged, Strive used a multi-phased approach when gathering the different data sources before creating a more traditional data mart. Using a combination of Snowflake and Fivetran, we were able to quickly ingest data from multiple data sources using the pre-built connectors and pre-defined data models. These pre-defined data models allowed the Marketing analysts to quickly start reviewing raw data and garner instant insights for on-going campaigns, in real-time. By removing the need to manually download spreadsheets from multiple data sources, the client could quickly focus on finding important data points and make better decisions.

In parallel, Strive was able to help the client’s CMO to identify important KPI’s and calculations to help with benchmarking and defining the attributes of a successful campaign. This benefited them tremendously and increased their ROI on Marketing spend by 36%.

The combination of Snowflake’s flexible and highly performant environment and Fivetran’s pre-built connectors allowed Strive to best serve our client and deliver a new data model that helped tie new sales to specific campaigns. Creating a custom technology solution to drive better business outcomes enabled their Marketing department to, for the first time, track customers from acquisition to product purchase.

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