Blog Series: Transitioning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Operations and Maintenance

Transitioning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Operations and Maintenance

This is the final post in a 3–part series on building an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) capability for the first time. In case you missed our post last week, the second article covered how to set a targeted objective through development and communicating results. We will now focus on deploying and transitioning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capability to operations, governance of the capability, and establishing monitoring and maintenance routines to ensure performance holds with passing… Read More

Blog Series: Taking the First Step with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technology continue to be increasingly accessible with a lower barrier of entry to newcomers. In recent posts, Gartner identifies that one in ten enterprises now use ten or more Artificial Intelligence applications, with the top use cases being chatbots, process optimization, and fraud analysis. Of the companies reporting Machine Learning usage, Algorithmia identified the following area benefits: reducing company costs, generating customer insights and intelligence, and improving customer experiences. Have you… Read More

The Snowflake Data Marketplace: Easy and Innovative

Data Marketplace visual

Snowflake Data Marketplace, an easy and innovative way to share data!   Have you heard about the latest disruptor within the Data Cloud Market space today? The Snowflake Data Marketplace is taking on legacy ways of managing and governing datasets by simplifying the process. Think of what the cloud did to on-premise computing – this is what the Data… Read More

How Retailers Should Consider Mobile in the New Commerce World

Name something more ubiquitous to our daily life than a mobile phone. Go ahead… take your time, I’ll wait. It’s unlikely you will find an appropriate answer because recent statistics indicate that over 95 percent of the adult population now own a mobile phone and of those, 77 percent are smart phones. So… what are… Read More

Best Practices to Prevent Scrum Failure

In my years of experience as a scrum master, I’ve encountered numerous situations where scrum has resulted in less-than-ideal outcomes—not because the agile framework is flawed, but because the company didn’t understand, or disregarded, how scrum is supposed to work. For example, I was once a scrum master for an e-commerce website production team where… Read More

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