An Ode to Project Managers

Today is an opportunity to recognize advancements in Project Management, as well as the increased role it plays in corporate environments.

There have always been Project Managers, even if there wasn’t a formal title or official responsibilities. However, it is interesting to note that the formalization of the ‘Project Manager’ role, and specific knowledge areas they tackle, came to fruition in the 1950’s and followed closely with the introduction of the personal computer and microprocessors in the 1980’s. As more and more people became users, the demand for the new functionality and position increased. More competitors meant faster deployment to stay ahead of the marketplace! Increased competition also forced quality requirements – if your software didn’t function well, other competitors would. Furthermore, the introduction of the cloud and virtual replacements for things that used to be physical meant projects moved faster and with an expectation of high quality that had never been seen before. Enter the “PM”.

Project Management in our current environment requires not only faster delivery, but also identifying the best projects to benefit an organization and their customers. This drive has spawned a multitude of delivery methodologies and highlighted the need for formal approval processes and prioritization within companies. Project Management is the natural group to take on the prioritization and therefore Project Management Offices (PMO) have grown in significance within corporations. Many companies employ the PMO to own the process of intake and approval and when these projects are aligned with corporate strategy, that prioritization process may determine whether the company meets its goals for the year or not. This expanded corporate impact and influence means Project Management is now an integral part of corporate success.

Project Managers as a whole are organized, cool under pressure, and have impeccable collaboration and communication skills. They are innate leaders in their organization and have the technical expertise to ebb and flow between multiple happenings at once. Great negotiation skills and the ability to stand up and manage multiple teams are incredibly important in any organization and luckily, Project Managers do just that. Any Consulting company worth their salt is filled with PM’s and has a knack at enabling and training them as well.

On this International Project Management Day be proud of the impact you make on your respective companies and clients. Continue to grow your leadership skills and always be on the lookout for improvements to ensure Project Management remains relevant in an ever-changing landscape.

Happy Project Management Day to all the members of the Project Management community!

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