The Superpowers of Top Tier Project Managers

Top Tier Project Managers

Today, it can feel like there is a Project or Program Manager (PM) around every corner. Some have little to no experience, while others are Project Management Professionals (PMP’s) who majored in Project Management and are true subject matter experts. On paper, they can look very similar, but how do you find that one person… Read More

Messing with the Scrum Recipe

Messing with the Scrum Recipe

Scrum has been around since the mid-eighties, so why is it that some companies make it work so beautifully, while others end up in such chaos that they run back to old methods? Maybe the companies that flounder or fail, do so because they stray too far from the “Scrum Recipe.” Companies prefer to put… Read More

Are Your Project Managers Prepared for the Cloud?

Do You Know the 5 Stages that can Affect Agile Team High Performance?

The previous year has brought about new changes to many work environments, while accelerating other planned changes such as Cloud deployments. According to the July 2020 Forbes article “Why Enterprises Are Accelerating Cloud Adoption: The swift move to working remotely has meant a spike in the number of companies moving to the Cloud.”, companies like… Read More

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD): Delivering High Quality Software to Your Customers Quickly

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Prior to COVID, consumers had already been relentlessly engaging with brands through digital platforms, products, and services. The abrupt change that came as a result of early lockdowns, and then continued (physical) social distancing during the past nine months, have dramatically accelerated the shift to interacting with friends, colleagues, and brands through digital interfaces. This,… Read More

Moving from ‘Project-based’ to ‘Product-based’

Moving from a 'Project-based' to 'Product-based' Model

“We’re spending a lot of time, money, and resources in these meetings” … “I don’t feel like this project is going anywhere” … “I can’t even remember why we’re doing this” … Have you ever asked yourself this question while on your 7th conference call of the day? We see companies invest in making the transformation to the interactive approach to project management and… Read More

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