3 Steps to Building Rapport with Clients in a Hybrid Work Environment

Building Rapport with Clients

Recently, the workforce has undergone a series of transitions. COVID-19 has forced companies to quickly adopt a digital transformation within their organizations and people workforce. Even in industries that formerly prohibited working remotely, working from the comfort of ones home seemingly became the norm overnight. With the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, many companies adopted… Read More

Understanding Modern Data Integration Best Practices

Access to data and real-time analytics are incredibly vital to any business. There are important decisions to be made, process improvements that can be achieved, supply chain notifications that are needed for immediate business choices, as well as other insights and information used to create or drive data-led decisions. With the data landscape changing over… Read More

Tackling Common Challenges in BI Dashboard Release & Implementation

BI Dashboard & Release

If a Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard is published without follow up strategy, future support, and continuing education… was it even published? Without implementing these important measures, organizations fall into the ever-present trap of weak dashboard utilization, which can lead to missed opportunity when driving business decisions and the fundamental success of measurable analytics. Within this… Read More

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD): Delivering High Quality Software to Your Customers Quickly

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Prior to COVID, consumers had already been relentlessly engaging with brands through digital platforms, products, and services. The abrupt change that came as a result of early lockdowns, and then continued (physical) social distancing during the past nine months, have dramatically accelerated the shift to interacting with friends, colleagues, and brands through digital interfaces. This,… Read More

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