Benefits in Joining Strive Consulting’s ‘Affiliate Network’

The holidays are a magical season when many of us take much needed time to slow down and reflect on what has transpired over the last 12 months. We begin to look forward to the refreshing promises of a new year – a chance to start anew, this year especially. It is an understatement that 2020 has offered more challenges than anticipated and unfolded in ways that were previously unfathomable leaving most of us eager for a fresh start.

For many business and technology professionals, the search for a fresh start will lead to taking a critical look at their current role or company, redefining what is most important in life, and seeking out a new opportunity that better aligns to their career or life goals. Of course, many will continue to prioritize the perceived stability of dedicating their careers to a single organization, but this year, more than any other year, people will make the decision to walk away from careers in industry to intentionally pursue project-based work.

Project-based work is not new, but the fact is that the emergence of the “gig economy” has diminished the “contractor” stigma that might have existed in the past and, in many ways, leveled the field for the individual. This is especially true in technology, where the demand for talent has never been higher and specialization has created leverage for individual contributors. A career may now be focused on the individual, rather than the company. While some are motivated to work on projects related to a specific technology, initiative, industry, or leadership path, others may seek more flexibility or the ability to take ownership of their career and maximize compensation.

Companies are doing their best to fight this shift – building great company cultures, increasing social responsibility efforts, and a higher degree of transparency are all now requirements if you strive to attract and retain top talent. But for those individuals that do make the decision to pursue project-based work, it is important to connect with an organization that values independent consultants and one that is able to provide a steady stream of exciting projects and opportunities. Strive Consulting is a pioneer in doing just this, having maintained a network of independent consultants since 2006 – known to us as Strive Affiliates.

3 Benefits to Being a Strive Affiliate:

  1. Access to intriguing projects and opportunities:

Strive Affiliates gain access to a variety of projects from across our 3 Practices – Technology Enablement, Data and Analytics, and Management Consulting. They can pursue projects that align with their career and life goals and are able to avoid projects that do not.  Affiliates get to continue in their area of specialty and those who are looking for more flexibility have their druthers as well.  Most simply stated, they are in control of their career!

  1. Strive’s Flexible Engagement Model

Our unique model pairs world-class Strive Consultants with specialized Strive Affiliates to create highly effective project teams and solutions. It a simple equation really – great people enjoy working with great people and teams are most efficient and effective when every team member is suited for their role.  So instead of pulling together teams of who is available on the bench, we curate customs teams for optimal enjoyment and performance.  Additionally, many of our Affiliates work with Strive repeatedly in this fashion, while an equal amount ultimately find long-term homes with the clients they served while at Strive.

  1. Advocates – Recruiters that care more

Foundational to every Strive office is a team of Strive Recruiters who love people and take great pride in fostering long-term relationships with the best and brightest. They abide by a candidate-centric recruiting model, which focuses on matching Affiliates with opportunities that align to their needs and desires – as opposed to the traditional client-centric model.  Ultimately, Affiliates have true advocates who present opportunities that align to what’s most important to them, be that work product, location, or compensation.

Thinking that Strive might be the right fit?

If you are interested in learning about the potential of becoming a Strive Affiliate, or leveraging the services offered, send us a note at the contact form below and our world class recruitment team will be in touch!