When Face-to-Face Isn’t an Option: A 10-Step Guide to Networking Behind a Screen

When Face-to-Face Isn’t an Option

With continued limits on in-office interaction, making water cooler talk a thing of the past, professionals are flocking to digital platforms like LinkedIn and other social media to stay connected with colleagues, clients, and prospects. But skipping traditional networking soirees, conferences, and meetups isn’t all bad. If small talk with strangers while exchanging business cards… Read More

Strive partners with buildOn to build school in Tchapa, Malawi


Throughout 2020, Strive partnered with the international, community involvement organization, buildOn, to fully fund the build and development of a school in Tchapa Malawi. The buildOn organization educates and serves through Service Learning Programs in America’s under-served high schools and by building schools in some of the world’s economically poorest countries. Their mission?… To break… Read More

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