My Strive Story: Charles Cabel

Strive Consulting wouldn’t be the company it is without the inspiring group of employees who make up our workforce. We pride ourselves on hiring individuals who bring a diverse group of skills and backgrounds to the table, which set our organization up for success.

Throughout our ‘My Strive Story’ Interview platform, we sit down with members from our different teams within the organization to find out where they came from, why they chose Strive, and what makes their experience special.

Tell us about yourself.

First and foremost, to my fellow Veterans, we answered the call and served our country honorably. Every day, but more so on November 11th, I’ll hold my head up high, knowing that I’m part of such an esteemed group of individuals.

In addition, to my Army brothers and sisters from the recently decommissioned 67th Signal Battalion, thank you for being my battle buddies. Our accomplishments were great; the camaraderie was even greater.

Born in Chicago and raised in the Northwest Suburbs, I’m about as Chicagoan as the next guy. I prefer to call buildings by their original names (i.e., Comisky, Sears Tower, and the Rosemont Horizon). Give me a Chicago-style hotdog, but hold the sport peppers, or hit me with a Maxwell Street Polish any day of the week. If you want something truly Chicago, go with the giardiniera – no other city does it better.

I’ve been a consultant since 2008 and partnered with multiple organizations, across many industries, implementing IT solutions. I enjoy the challenge of bringing my client’s visions to fruition. More than that, I enjoy establishing a team dynamic between my clients and my colleagues.

What attracted you to Strive?

Before joining Strive, I was on the road for a significant amount of time. Strive’s local engagement model allows me to be with my family at home, instead of calling in via FaceTime from a hotel room. The quality of projects, diverse client base, and dynamic pace of work never falters and is still a huge part of who Strive is, but with the added benefit of staying out of airport check-in lines.

The size of Strive was also a huge factor in me joining. While Strive is growing at a rapid rate, we still have a close, tight-knit employee base, which is seen in the structure of our internal teams. I personally prefer smaller teams, where I can get to know my colleagues and have the opportunity to work together on challenging engagements – which is exactly how Strive operates.

What keeps you at Strive?

The challenging engagements. Each engagement has presented me with an opportunity for career growth and professional development. Whether it is a new role, new responsibilities, or new technologies, I’ve been able to have unique and fulfilling experiences, all while enjoying the people on my teams, both internally and externally.

What makes Strive stand above the rest?

Our ability to respond to change. We’re at a size that allows us to react quickly to changes and pivot accordingly, ensuring our decisions are correct for our clients and colleagues. This applies to the engagements we work on and how we work and interact.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

We’re a part of an interesting time; the post-pandemic landscape continues to change how we operate. I’m looking forward to seeing the response to the ever-changing “work” dynamic. Whatever the world brings, I do know that at Strive, we will successfully adapt and overcome.

Interested in joining Strive?

Here at Strive Consulting, we foster an active, innovative culture, providing the coaching, mentoring, and support our employees need to work at the top of their game and succeed personally and professionally. Check out our Careers page for open roles and opportunities within Strive. We’re hiring and we’re dedicated to being your partner, committed to success.